Friday, July 14, 2006

what's after? post post-pop for a closer listen.

I think this is the first "full" English language review of my EP.
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what's after? post post-pop for a closer listen.
REV- 038

the kikapu-netlabel and are working hand in hand to bring you this fantastic 5-track EP as a teaser for the full-length debut of adcBicyle from canada soon to be released on CD. i'm not sure if i really like the idea of using the netaudio-format to promote your commercial (whatever that might mean for an independent label) outcome. on the other hand, the participants (including the listener) only have benefits from this deal- and if the selection for the EP works out so well, so what? nobody forced you if you feel like you have to buy the CD after listen to this nice MP3s. but let's stop talking bout net-politics. you guys wanna know about the music. well.

first track goes by the name of intro. rumpling drums, reversed guitars and synthesizer stand tall to accompany a catchy rhodes-melody. there are so many sounds! sounds a bit like the last four tet-album ('ecstatic') looked like: colourful, strange, funny yet unusual. track two is sort of the elongation of number one. the woodwind-like synth stay the same, the drums are still trashy. at the end, huge glamrock-guitars wail up, but just for a short moment. everything gets a bit more frenetic, louder, even more colourful. great. like caribou doing one of their krautrock-liveshows.
facing the wall at position number 3 finally breaks it all down a bit. there are some voice-samples and a lot of looped field-recordings. the synth blow their last goodbye and a small acoustic guitar says hello to the rhodes-piano from the beginning. the bubbling loop that form at the end of the song leads to in the name of god. adcBicycle takes on the path of psychedelic rock he sketched at poor economic policies. drums come in, organ fades in and out. a slide guitar introduces the final track. here, the listener is taken by the hand from a guitar, a drum-loop takes over, synths gather in the back and a perfect vocal-sample proclaims world domination. fin.

it's quite stunning how catchy this EP is, although adcBicycle refuses to obey any musical standards. dulcet post-pop the books would have been proud to release. i'm going to order a CD, will you?

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