Monday, October 23, 2006

Part of the One Minute Film Festival

I was accepted into the 2005 One Minute Film Festival, the theme in 2005 being "Interections". The video was also was chosen to be one of the films featured at the United Emirates Film Competition, as part of the OMFF showcase. Here's the small screen version of that film, "I Hurt Pop Rock":

Sunday, October 01, 2006 video contest winner !

I made a video for a contest put on by with some friends a few weeks ago. The contest: to create an anti-DRM video.

And we're one of the 5 winners!

Here's the video:

And here's an extended version of the music I made for the video.

What's DRM you ask? Digital Rights Management... i.e. a way for large companies to control how you listen to your music or watch your movies so that they can make more cash.
More info on DRM at Wikipedia or this great anti-drm site: Defective by Design.

Check out the other winners too... the other 5 videos are really great.

Root of Sine - Vol. 3

I'm on a new compilation released by Audiobulb Records, Volume 3 of the Root of Sine. All the tracks on these Root of Sine releases follow one primary rule, the only starting sound that can be used is a 440Hz sine wav.

I took the sine wav and transposed it, looped it, multiplied it and processed it in an amazing little program called Audiomulch. What I ended up creating is what Audiomulch calls a metasurface, which maps certain parameters (which I specify) to certain locations on colour coded surface. So the track was created entirely by dragging my mouse around the metasurface, with no editing or much post processing. A very fun way to create music.

Check them out, they're all available for free download, scroll to the bottom of the page. It's pretty amazing listening to these tracks knowing that they were all created from this very simple starting sound. I especially like the releases by Ultre, truly amazing work, also Austin Martin's track is very nice.