Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An album to walk to

I've officially started work on my second album, now having the bones of a first and second track.
No idea how long it will take though. My last one took over a year, but I think that was excessive, this one should be faster.

My general plan for the sound: Catchy yet kind of dark, post-rock-esque builds, few sounds that purely emulate other instruments, maybe a vocal track?, more of a focus on how notes and melodies interact, more of a focus on tonal song structure (i.e. chord changes) interesting and promenant beats, fewer vocal samples then the first album.
But who knows, this could all change tomorrow.

Also, every track is going to be at 100bpm which is my perfect beat to follow while walking... and since I have a slower walking bpm then most people it may force people to slow down and appreciate the scenery while listening.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Noisefactory compilation review

I have a very short mention in this review of the brand new Noisefactory compilation Vol. 3 (on which I have one track). Done by the UK paper One Week To Live.

Tiny yes, and in it's entirety compares me to Prefuse 73, but my very first printed review.