Saturday, November 29, 2008

electronic music cover album

Released today, a cover album of electronic music. My cover isn't really "electronic"... except that was recorded on an "electronic" tape recorder.

Buy it here for $2.

Or download it here for free.

Friday, September 12, 2008

remixed album is released!

released today at, my unreleased album, which was revisioned by a group of amazing artists.

the tracks/artists:

  1. Substance (Combustion Mix) - Umami
  2. Miranda July - allthatfall
  3. Needs #5 - Albatrocity
  4. I Need You To Stop Needing The Love That We Made Together - Fell
  5. No Fun Swimming In The Bath - Zanf
  6. Palms - He Can Jog
  7. Wagon 7, Seat 7 - The Amazing Rolo
  8. Living Room Player - map~map
  9. 42 / 88 - Chimp Logic
  10. Performance (36 Seats Taken) - Autistici
  11. Drunken Boat - The OO-Ray

also, check out this fantastic bonus track from ignatius.

if you'd like to support 12rec, and get a beautifully made CD with art by buenos aires artist Matías Conduri ... you can buy it here.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

new track on release #50 now has officially released 50 albums, and for their 50th they put together a complilation of brand new tracks from future and past 12rec artists.

12rec puts out albums where the tracks are all 100% free for download, but also makes beautiful cds which can be purchased for a small fee. Get a #50 compilation cd for only 6 euros including shipping.

The lead off track of the compilation is a brand new totally-unnecessarily-overly-dramatic track by yours truly.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


According to wikipedia, 10000 legal downloads in Canada is considered to be a gold selling record. And, coincidentally, my ep surpassed 10000 downloads on today, check it out!

I know technically, these downloads were free... not all downloaded in Canada... and many of the downloads were probably for tracks not the whole album... but i'm going to ignore these legal technicalites.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

review - catching the waves

I love this review of my EP from the blog catching the waves.
Partly because they like my album... and partly because they use setences like this:
"adcBicycle are a wild-eyed bunch of rebels who by rights should be tearing up the dusty backroads of America or dashing through rain-drenched Budapest squares in search of the next after-gig party."
and this:
"sounds like the manic humming of a deformed manservant on his way to help in his master's laboratory."