Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kikapu Netlabel release

*** I'm going to post some past happenings in chronological order here... to fill this page up a bit***

My 5 song EP has been released by Kikapu netlabel. All 5 tracks are free for download, and are released under a creative commons license, so listen to them, copy them, share them, sample from them, remix them. These are also the first 5 tracks on my upcoming 13 track LP release.

Thank you to Brad at Kikapu for the wildly-over-the-top release description :)

The same release is available on the site if you want some more download options (or want to leave a good or bad comment about the release) .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just heard your 5 musics and what can i say? I´m stoned/sttuned/chapado!!!!simple fantastic music. LOooonnng time no hear nothing like this.
sorry the bad english it´s no my language. thank you