Friday, July 14, 2006

Foreign language reviews of EP

Here's a selection of foreign language mini-reviews of my Kikapu EP. I translated them in Babelfish, giving some interesting and nonsensical results:

From Couper Decaler (Japanese)
AdcBicycle - EP [ kpu094 ] エレクトロニカ, the element of the lock, acoustic and field recording etc. is piled up, the world where the various timbre mix and is possible. 5 tune entering EP which become the debut work of Canadian adcBicycle, were announced from net label kikapu. This EP from Noise Factory Records "is sold" promptly seems like preceding single release of the album which. As for the album the online it seems that is sold, but this single is open creative コモンズ (BY-NC-ND) with.

From hop.over-blog (French)
adcBicycle - EP It is free and it is bloody well! Music of Canadian to the odd name adcBicycle which pop do-it-yourselfing inventive and fresh interfering traditional instrumentation and samples all kinds. 5 titles which put water with the mouth to us while waiting for an album to be appeared on the label Noise Factory records! With not missing obviously and downloading very quickly here!!

From (German)
adcBicycle - EP (Kikapu Netlabel)
Kikapu publishes a mad Teaser EP for adcBicycle's shortly on Noise Factory (among other things Broken Social Scene) appearing album. Very strange music! Coordinates are Hip Hop, Indie Pop and Electronica, with this description it however not yet much won.

From (French)
Electronic/Idm/Post-rock'n'roll. Extra! The first EP of adcBicycle, Canadian musician, is extra! To listen and D-listen to while waiting for the continuation...

From ted-strife (Russian)
adcBicycle "adcBicycle ' EP [ Kikapu/Noisefactory Records, 2006 ] This is how on netleyble Kikapu they know how to write the completely fascinating annotations of the marazmaticheskogo content. Similar ipishka of Canadian adcBicycle - this the first 5 tracks from his longpleya, which leaves in this month on another studio, posolidneye - Noisefactory Records. Short film, fortunately still lies at the free access, and here by album bicycle, apparently, it was going to feed wife and children - it will it sell. If we dance from glitch-khopa, to which creation adcBicycle undoubtedly has a relation, then this record by 4 would be named active glitch-khopom. Within the framework of the same nomenclature, let us say, The Books - glitch-khop passive, Prefuse 73 - neutral and so forth:) "activity" does consist in the fact that, mixing in itself entire contract, music of bicycle (pancake, it is possible 4 it and further so call I will be? :) he does not try to be dissolved and to lose clear means, but on the contrary, it erects integral, hyper-complex melodics with the heap it is layer, which supplement each other, overflowing from the channel into the channel. This, by the way, mechanism not so much human creation, as natural, when many independent organisms together compose sometimes whimsical, but always viable medium. Exactly as the rusty body from the Dnieper Cossack, to half utopshiy in the earth, it outgrows by moss and other filth, tom-tom drums in music adcBicycle peacefully coexist with skretchami, frankly stebnymi vocal semplami and acoustic bass. In this case clear bit in this medley the guest infrequent, why tying to KhcIp -xopu weakens. In contrast to the same The Books here any speech (be it monologue from the film, telephone conversation or Dictaphone record) never remains without the intelligent musical tracking, which continues to modify melody, to conduct it further. Music adcBicycle is interesting at least fact that it it frequently throws into extremes (from the solemn wind entrance to acoustic gitarnogo brenchaniya or generally clean idm). Garish, contrasting kollazh more rapidly rivets to itself view well in this case rumor.

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