Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not quite dead

I've come up with an idea to bring my failure of an album back from the dead. I've asked some of my favourite artists to remix the tracks.

I was completely blown away by the response, I can't believe that such talented and creative artists have agreed to help me out. Each one is going to take on one of the 12 tracks, so as of now, here's the star-studded cast:

01 - hecanjog
02 - Autistici
03 - Ignatius
04 - Chimplogic
05 - The Oo-ray
06 - Umami
07 - The Amazing Rolo
08 - Unrecognizable Now
09 - Zanf
10 - All That Fall
11 - Albatrocity
12 - John Mccaig

Expect something by the end of December!

1 comment:

acme said...

I'm the 6th zombie from the right, the one in the grey suit. Hi, how you doin?