Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Change of plans

So I've come to the decision that I will not be releasing my new album.

I've decided this after the album has been fully completed, mixed and mastered. There is nothing I want to go back to revisit, adjust or add, I'm happy with everything... except, the style. I don't feel there's anything particularly interesting or original about the overall style of the album. Therefore, rather then release something I have doubts about, I'm going to sit on it, and make something entirely different.

Sorry to all looking forward to this, the next one will be better, promise.

1 comment:

celibacyclub said...

what a bold and insightful decision.

ive been sitting on my album..still not sure what to do with it. i keep thinking, it could be better, and at the same time feel overwelmed at getting it exactly how i want it, so ive been kinda ignoring it.

i missed your excellent usage of voice samples in this now shelved work. also i think you sing pretty well.

anyway, good luck!