Friday, September 12, 2008

remixed album is released!

released today at, my unreleased album, which was revisioned by a group of amazing artists.

the tracks/artists:

  1. Substance (Combustion Mix) - Umami
  2. Miranda July - allthatfall
  3. Needs #5 - Albatrocity
  4. I Need You To Stop Needing The Love That We Made Together - Fell
  5. No Fun Swimming In The Bath - Zanf
  6. Palms - He Can Jog
  7. Wagon 7, Seat 7 - The Amazing Rolo
  8. Living Room Player - map~map
  9. 42 / 88 - Chimp Logic
  10. Performance (36 Seats Taken) - Autistici
  11. Drunken Boat - The OO-Ray

also, check out this fantastic bonus track from ignatius.

if you'd like to support 12rec, and get a beautifully made CD with art by buenos aires artist Matías Conduri ... you can buy it here.


Anonymous said...

Are you giving away the whole album? What is this 119MB file I'm downloading?

adcBicycle said...

Yep, that would be the whole album.

Anonymous said...

wow, nice one. as soon as I get a job - you've got my money :)

tangerinedream said...

Great stuff - glad to here some more from you. Loved the last things I heard.

khoral said...

Cool, I'll be checking that...