Monday, October 23, 2006

Part of the One Minute Film Festival

One of my videos was accepted into the 2006 One Minute Film Festival.
The festival, in Toronto, has two main rules: the film must be exactly one minute long, and it must follow a specific theme which is different each year. This years theme is "growth".
Me and my long-time friend Kyle Cameron, shot this film this summer on a very rainy night in my backyard with a blue screen, a model building and a bunch of little fireworks bought from the the corner store. I remember watching the satellite weather on the internet in order to find an hour long window when we could be outside long enough to shoot.
If you want to see it on the BIG screen, the festival happens on November 22nd 2006 at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto.
Or, if you don't live in Toronto and are too cheap to buy a plane ticket for 60 second of excitement, here's the small screen version, "The Modern Forest":

And, last year I was accepted into the 2005 One Minute Film Festival, the theme in 2005 being "Interections". The video was also was chosen to be one of the films featured at the United Emirates Film Competition, as part of the OMFF showcase. Here's the small screen version of that film, entitled "I Hurt Pop Rock":

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joey (mixedtape) said...

these videos are great, man! glad you posted them :)